ETS Recharge/Laser Account Lookup Form

Use this form to look up activity and status information regarding an Educational Technology Services (ETS - formerly ACMS) Recharge or Laser Printing account. Enter your own UCSD network username (not the ETS plot account you want to report on, enter that in step 2), or your ETS student account username for Laser account lookup, and your network or ETS personal account password, and the ETS recharge account name or laser account (not IFIS index) to be examined, select a timeframe, then click on the Submit button. Staff: find more info about your network username/password here. Check status of recently submitted plotter jobs here . Fund managers, find operating ledger backup for specific IFIS indexes here).

1) Authenticate yourself here:
Enter your own UCSD AD or Network Username
("@ucsd" email name without the @ucsd part):
Enter your UCSD Active Directory(Email), MyTritonLink, or Network Password: (or, just use the SSO Active Directory version of this form here)

2) Enter the ETS recharge or student laser account to look up (not an IFIS index):
ETS recharge Account or Login: (eg. ST999, BI1234, LA9999, or for student laser accounts you may just re-enter your ETS login username)

3) Adjust Parameters for your Search here:
Display current month usage transactions
Display archived financial transactions
Select timeframe for display of archived usage transactions:
Last Sixty Days
Current Fiscal Year (begins July 1)
Last 12 Months
Life of Account
Date Range (YYYYMMDD, blank for all): Starting Ending

Note: to increase the limit on future recharges for an existing sdcc12 recharge (not student laser) account, have either the primary account holder/PI or the listed fiscal contact send an email to specifying the account name, the limit increase and confirming the current IFIS index the account should be charging to as well as the email address where monthly recharge backup statements should be sent. Find information on adding money to your student laser printing account here.

Revised: May 2019.