Laser Printing Account Setup/Deposit

Revised: December 2018.

Students, use this form to set up an ETS (ACMS) Student Laser Printing Account or to add funds to an existing account.
NOTE:ETS laser printing accounts are not usable on Library printers. All Library printers are managed by Imprints. See for more information.
(Faculty/Staff recharge plotting info can be found here).

The non-refundable dollar amount that you authorize on the next Web form will be billed to you by UCSD Student Business Services along with your registration fees, etc.
Enter your ETS (ACMS) Personal (PA or OCE) Account username: (e.g. jsmith)
Enter your ETS (ACMS) Personal Account Password:
Enter your 9 character Student ID (PID) as it appears on your Campus Card: (eg. A12345678)

How this payment method works

This facility allows you to set up a Laser Printing Account to pay for printing on Educational Technology Services (ETS) laser printers and color printers. If you already have a laser account you can also use this form to add money to your existing account.