CourseID info for Concurrent Enrollment Extension Students taking ETS (ACMS) supported UCSD classes, as of: 2020-08-14 18:13:01

The identifier in the first column, entitled ETS CourseID, is the value to use in your Concurrent Enrollment Self-Add form.

Enter something you know about your course in this search field to locate your course (such as Instructor name, Subject, Course Number, or 6 digit UCSD TritonLink Section ID):


Confirm that the Department, Subject, Number and Instructor match your expectations, then paste the ETS CourseID into your self-add form. Note: if a course is cross listed among multiple departments, the Dept/Subject/Number may differ from the course you are enrolled in. Consult the Section IDs and Crosslisting column to find your course

IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR COURSE LISTED that means it is not set to use ETS resources at this time. If at some point your instructor activates TritonEd, you can self-add at that time

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