Concurrent Enrollment Account Setup

Extension students can self-register for an ETS account.

This form will allow you to self-register for an "ax" account, which will allow you to set up access to computing resources for your ETS-supported UCSD Concurrent Enrollment classes.

This resource is available only if you're enrolled in a UCSD class which has requested ETS computing facilities.

Accounts without matching enrollment in such a UCSD course, verified by Extension, will be disabled with no retention of files.

Registering someone else or registering without explicit authorization from UCSD Extension is prohibited and may jeopardize your future access to essential Extension or regular UCSD computing resources.

Before You Start

You must have received an ETS Registration Token.

If you don't have a registration token, please contact UCSD Extension.


Your Extension Registration Token is 16 character code provided by UCSD Extension.

You will need this password to access your account—remember it!

Revised: September 2022.