Concurrent Enrollment Account Setup

Revised: October 2018.

Register for an Extension (Concurrent Enrollment) ETS Account

READ THIS: If you are enrolled as a UCSD Extension student and have received an ETS registration token from UCSD Extension, use this form to register yourself for an "ax" account, which will allow you to set up access to computing resources for your ETS-supported Extension (concurrent enrollment) classes. This resource is available only if you are enrolled in a UCSD class which has requested ETS computing facilities. Accounts without matching enrollment in such a UCSD course, verified by Extension, will be disabled with no retention of files. Registering someone else or registering without explicit authorization from UCSD Extension is prohibited and may jeopardize your future access to essential Extension or regular UCSD computing resources.

Please Note

Once you add your user account using this page, you must link your ETS supported class to your account before you will be able to log in to TritonEd or use other resources

To register for an ax account you must agree to know and abide by ETS Acceptable Use Policies. Click here to review the policies now.

1. Do you agree to be responsible for knowing and abiding by all ETS Acceptable Use Policies?
If so, check this box to acknowledge your acceptance >>>

2. Use the following guidelines to compose a password for your account. Enter the password in the boxes below. Your password should: Enter your new password here:
Enter the exact same password again for verification:
3. Enter the following information:
Extension Registration Token:
Your First Name
Your Middle Initial:
Your Last Name:
Your email Address: (The email address you use to correspond with UCSD Extension)
Your Extension Student ID Number:
(example: U12345678 - NOT A UCSD Student ID/PID, NOT a "777.." number. If you don't have an Extension ID yet, leave this blank, but if you do, enter it - it will allow us to maintain your access to ETS resources more effectively. Your token may have an ID associated with it, in which case you must enter the same ID here.)