Recharge Computing Accounts

Create a department-funded recharge account.

Departments at UC San Diego may set up a department-funded recharge account for computing, printing, or plotting with Educational Technology Services.

Students at UC San Diego may set up a prepaid personal printing account.

Existing account holders may check the status of their existing recharge account or request changes to their recharge account.

Poster printing with Recharge Accounts

The Cplot large-format plotter is available only to support UCSD Academic Instruction and Student Research.

Print activity for any other purposes (e.g. administrative, self-supporting programs, extracurricular activities) or situations requiring significant technical support or rapid turnaround should be directed to a commercial printing service such as Imprints or FedEx Office

New Account Application

Please complete all the fields below and submit the form.

Completed and accurate submissions received before 4:30pm on business days are generally processed by the end of the day.

Submissions outside of that time are processed as soon as possible, usually the following business day.

The UCSD administrator (Fund Manager) responsible for the IFIS index you are using, whose authorization you have for creation of this account. This generally should not be the same person as the Primary Account holder

Fund Manager Name UCSD Email Address Mail Code Phone

In months with activity, backup billing information for this account will be sent to the fund manager specified above via email. The backup will also appear as a drilldown in the IFIS operating ledger (Financiallink), and we will send the fund manager directions for retrieving historical account usage information online.

If the index you provide is not currently valid, your application will not be processed.

Accounts set to expire at fiscal year end (6/30) will automatically renew. An email notification will be sent to the fund manager confirming the IFIS index and the current limit.

Maximum you wish to be recharged using this account until you specify a new limit. This is just an upper limit—you are only charged for your actual usage.
First Name Last Name UCSD ID # UCSD Email Address Phone Number
First Name Last Name UCSD ID # UCSD Email Address Phone Number

Please be patient after submitting—it will take us a moment to validate your input.

Once your application has been processed, recharge account usernames and passwords will be assigned by ETS and transmitted to the individual account holders via email, along with links to our plotter documentation.

All account holders are responsible for understanding and obeying the ETS Acceptable Use Policies.

Changes to an Existing Account

Please have the primary account holder or the fund manager send an email to if you need any of these changes made to your recharge account.

Please be sure to include the primary account username in your email.

  • Increase the limit on future recharges
  • Replace the IFIS index
  • Extend the termination date
  • Add or remove subaccounts

If neither the primary account holder or fund manager is available, an existing subaccount holder may request these changes if the primary account holder and fund manager are CC'd on the email and those email addresses match our records.

More Information

Administrative questions regarding your account can be emailed to—for technical assistance using the plotter itself see the links above.

Revised: April 2020.