Students and student organizations with ACS accounts can use this form to create a special directory, "public_html", where you can put your Web files, as described in the help article " Making Documents Available to the World Wide Web".

Whenever you add documents, you can use the option to "Allow others to see documents in public_html" to allow access to the new files.

Enter your username, password, and web server below.
Students assigned to "sdcc13", "sdcc15", "sdcc17", and "sdcc21" should choose the "acsweb" server.

For an initial set-up, check both boxes.
Create public_html
This will create the directory where publicly accessible web page documents can be stored. This has no effect if you already have a public_html directory.
Allow others to see documents in public_html
This gives public access to your public_html directory and all the files and directories within it. It also relaxes security on your home directory, which has the ramifications described below.

This can take between 10 and 30 seconds, depending on your web server; please be patient

Security Ramifications:

To make files available to others over the Web, you must make it possible for anyone with an account on your web server to pass through your home directory. If you have other sensitive files in your home directory, take care that they are kept properly secure. See the help article about File Permissions to learn how to allow and deny access to particular files using an SSH connection to your web server.

You can return to "no-risk" home directory permission settings using the option below; however, doing so will prevent anyone from seeing your Web files.
Return to "no-risk" permissions
This will prevent others from having access to your public_html directory and all the files and directories within it. It also restricts others' access to your home directory (You will need to enter your username and password at the top of this page).