Terms of Agreement and Account Information for
ACMS Recharge Computing/Printing Accounts

Eligibility - The ACMS plotter is available only to support UCSD academic instruction and student-related research. Print activity for other purposes (administrative, personal, self-supporting or external relations activities etc.), and/or in situations requiring significant technical support or very rapid turnaround must be directed to Imprints or an off-campus vendor.

Reporting - In most cases a monthly statement of usage will be sent by email to the fund manager(s) listed on the account. Usage and balance information may also be retrieved online. Recharge ledger backup may be retrieved directly and is also available as a drilldown in online IFIS operating ledger reports.

Liability for Charges - All accounts will be established with the dollar limit and termination date indicated on the application. Accounts are charged for services actually used, not for the amount of funds allocated. Customers are liable for any charges exceeding the specified fund allocation. Note that use of sdcc12 for color plotter access may involve charges for CPU time, connect time, and disk storage which are in addition to the published rates for your actual color plot output. To reduce such overhead charges, use remote printing rather than uploading files to sdcc12.

Termination Date - Accounts expire automatically on the date indicated. At the end of each fiscal year, for all accounts with a June 30 expiration date, a notice of automatic renewal will be emailed to the account fiscal contact. If no response indicating the account should be deleted is received, the account will continue, however the limit on recharges will not be changed. Accounts set up with a termination date other than June 30 must be monitored by the requesting department, and expiration dates may be extended by written notification to the ACMS Recharge Account Office (email to recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu or mailcode 0110).

Account Limit - Accounts will become suspended (unusable) when the initial account dollar limit is exceeded. In order to maintain a positive balance in your account, your customer report or online account status should be reviewed so you can request the ACMS business office (Mailcode 0110 or by email to recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu) to increase your limit before your account becomes overdrawn and access is suspended.

Sharing of Accounts - Recharge computing accounts are issued to individuals. Normally the primary account will be held in the name of the PI and subaccounts will be issued to other authorized account holders for their individual use. This practice is important for security and to avoid confusion regarding the plotter print queue, printout retrieval etc. In the past, groups have set up a single account and shared it among several users, sometimes passing the account info on as people come and go from the group. Please don't do this - it's a violation of campus computing policy. We will be happy to set up additional subaccounts whenever needed, just have the PI or fund manager send us the name and email address of the new user. When users leave your group, notify us so we can remove their subaccounts.

Closed Accounts and Index Validity - Accounts that close due to termination date, invalid IFIS index, or for exceeding the account limit may continue to accrue charges for any disk storage (including accumulating email and undeleted files), processor charges for email delivery etc. until such time as the account is reopened with a valid index or closed permanently by written request.

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    Questions regarding your account can be emailed to recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu

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