OCEUPGRADE - ACS PA to OCE Account Upgrade

Revised: December 2013.

Academic Computing Services Student Self OCE Upgrade

If you are enrolled as a regular UCSD student and you currently have a basic account with ACS, you may use this system to request an upgrade to an OCE account. Registering someone else or registering if you are not a qualified UCSD student is prohibited. Use of ACS facilities is subject to various laws, policies, and ethical guidelines.

Your request will be granted only if you meet the qualifications of one of the OCE types. OCE stands for Open Computing Environment and is the result of agreements between ACS and various departments. The qualifications for OCE accounts are determined by the associated department and may include enrollment in a specific major and/or completion of a certain number of units. The specific qualifications are available online under "help oce".

To register for an account you must agree to know and abide by ACS Acceptable Use Policies. Click here to review the policies now.

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