Omit Cover Pages - Pilot Project Opt-in

Please read the information below before submitting this form.
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Use this form to configure your LA account (ACS laser printing account) to NOT print cover pages with your print jobs, where applicable.

The goal of this option, requested by respondents to a sustainability survey, is to reduce paper waste, toner waste, printer wear and tear, and hidden costs such as the environmental load of transporting and handling those supplies. This will help keep your printing costs low, and it's good for the environment on the UCSD campus and beyond.

Number of active participants as of yesterday: 21131

Once you select this option we recommend you make a habit of retrieving your printouts from the printer output tray immediately if not sooner, to avoid misplaced documents (prompt retrieval is a good idea anyway, since even cover pages don't ensure that neglected output will stick around indefinitely or be easily found).

This is a pilot project. Our hope is that there will be minimal confusion, everybody will continue to get their printouts and we'll conserve some resources. You can do your part to help the concept succeed by carefully looking over documents to make sure you are only taking your own pages, and treating other people's documents with courtesy.

Some busy printers (at some busy times) may be configured to always use cover pages regardless of your account setting - don't panic if you get a cover page even though you have asked that they be suppressed.

Note: attributing the loss of a document to the lack of a cover page will definitely not increase the odds of getting a refund - your printer output is your own responsibility, we can not refund for misplaced/lost/stolen/abducted by aliens/inadvertently recycled or discarded output. Refunds are generally only granted when the printer hardware has clearly malfunctioned and damaged your pages - as has always been the case you need to present the actual damaged pages for any refund consideration.