Laser Printing Account Deposit

Set up or add funds to your laser printing account.

Students may set up a prepaid laser printing account to use ETS-managed printers. You can find a printer near you with our Lab Lookup tool.

Faculty and Staff should set up a Recharge Computing Account.

In a Library?

Library printers are managed by Imprints IACCESS. Adding funds here will not reflect in their system.

All printing account deposits are non-refundable.

The amount you authorize on the next form will be billed to you by UCSD Student Business Services along with your registration fees, etc.

How does it work?

This facility allows you to set up a laser printing account to pay for printing on ETS laser and color printers.

If you already have a laser account you may also use this form to add funds to your existing account

  • Laser printing accounts are prepaid. On the next page you will be asked to deposit a dollar amount to your laser account.
  • The deposit amount will be charged in advance in full to your UCSD Student Business Services billing account and is non-refundable.
  • Laser accounts remain in existence from quarter to quarter as long as you are a student at UCSD.
  • You may transfer your remaining printing balance to an existing laser printing account. Just ask.
  • Black & White printing on letter size paper is five cents ($.05) per page. Color printing is twenty cents ($.20) per page. This rate is subject to change.
  • Completed print jobs will be deducated from your ETS laser account balance. You will no longer be able to print when you run out of funds. You may add more funds with the form here.
  • Your laser account will automatically be attached to your current ETS account(s) and any future ETS allocations or accounts you obtain.

Revised: May 2019.