EXADD - Request Allocation for Concurrent Enrollment Class

Revised: November 2017.

Concurrent Enrollment Add Form

If you are enrolled through UCSD Extension (Open University/Concurrent Enrollment) in a regular UCSD (not Extension) class which has requested ETS computing facility support, and you have already obtained an 'ax' Extension Student computing account login (eg. ax000123), you may use this form to request an allocation which will give you access to computing resources for your class. Your enrollment in the course will be verified with UCSD Extension. If you end up not taking the course be sure to drop your ETS allocation.

Required information:

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Account access is not immediate upon completion of this self add process. Account information is sent to TritonEd and other resources at periodic intervals. During the workday, allow up to 4 hours for your account to appear in TritonEd. After hours, or for Unix resources, your account will be available the next day. See the confirmation screen at the end of this registration process for more information.


The number of classes you can self-add is limited. If you exceed the limit you will need to request assistance, which can take time. Only add the classes you really need.
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