Concurrent Enrollment Allocation Request

Extension students must self-register their course allocations.

If you are enrolled through UCSD Extension in a regular UCSD class which has requested ETS computing facility support, you may use this form to request an allocation which will give you access to computing resources for your class.

Your enrollment in the course must be verified with UCSD Extension

If you do not follow through with Extension to actually enroll in the course, you must drop this ETS allocation.

Before You Start

You'll need the following.

  1. Your ax account. Register here if you don't have one.
  2. Your ax account password
  3. Your Extension Student ID (e.g. u12345678)

Add Form

Extension accounts begin with ax and are followed by digits.

Extension Student IDs begin with U and are followed by digits.

Which courses do I add?

Only add the courses you need. The number of classes you can self-register for is limited.

You may find a Course ID by department, course code, or instructor.

Revised: September 2022.