Recharge Computing Account Application

Check Status of Existing Account

Use this form to set up a new department funded recharge computing/color printing/plotting account with UCSD Academic Computing Services. To raise the limit on future recharges or make other changes (fiscal contact, IFIS index, user list) to an existing account, see below.

The ACMS plotter is available only to support UCSD Academic Instruction and Student Research. Print activity for ANY other purposes (administrative, self-supporting or external relations activities etc.), and/or in situations requiring significant technical support or very rapid turnaround should be directed to Imprints . For information on self-funded personal student printing accounts (non-recharge), see

To apply for a new recharge computing account, complete all fields below and submit the form. If your complete and accurate submission is received prior to 4:30pm on a weekday it will in general be processed the same day. Submissions received later will be processed ASAP, usually the following business day.

If you have an existing recharge account and need to make changes (index, user list) or reactivate the account, see the bottom of this page.

UCSD Department

Administrative Contact Information - The UCSD administrator (Fund Manager) responsible for the IFIS index you are using, whose authorization you have for creation of this account - all fields must be filled in. This generally should NOT be the same person as the Primary Account Holder.:
Fund Manager Name UCSD Email Address Mailcode Phone

You must Check This Box to indicate your authorization for the creation and maintenance of ACMS recharge computer accounts for the individuals listed below and your understanding and acceptance of the Terms of Agreement, the ACMS recharge rates, plotter pricing, and Acceptable Use Policies. If you don't check this box your application will not be processed.

In months where there is activity, backup billing information for this account will be sent by email to the fund manager address given above. The backup will also appear as a drilldown in the IFIS operating ledger (Financiallink), and we will send the fund manager directions for retrieving historical account usage information online.

IFIS Index to charge: If the index you provide is not currently valid your application will not be processed.

Expiration Date for ACMS Account /
Accounts set to expire at fiscal year end (6/30) will automatically renew with an email notification sent to the fund manager to confirm IFIS index and current limit.

Dollar Limit (maximum you wish to be recharged using this account until you specify a new limit. This is just an upper limit - you are only charged for actual usage)

Check this box to give your accounts access to Premium large format color plotting (uncheck to allow only standard B&W/color laser printing).

Principal Account Holder
First Name Last Name UCSD ID# UCSD Email Address Phone #

Additional Authorized Users:
First Name Last Name UCSD ID# UCSD Email Address Phone #

(please be patient after clicking submit - it will take a moment for us to validate your input).

Once your application has been processed new account Usernames and Passwords will be assigned by ACMS and transmitted to the the individual account holders by email, along with links to plotter documentation. All account holders are responsible for understanding and obeying the ACMS Acceptable Use Policies.

Further Information: Administrative questions regarding your account can be e-mailed to - for technical assistance using the plotter itself see the links above.

Changes to an Existing Account:

To increase the limit on future recharges for an existing sdcc12 recharge account, replace an invalid IFIS index, or extend the termination date of an expired account, have either the primary account holder/PI or the current fiscal contact send an email to specifying the account name, the limit increase and confirming the current IFIS index the account should be charging to as well as the fund manager email address where monthly recharge statements should be sent.

To add new subaccounts or delete obsolete subaccounts for people who have left your group, have the PI or fund manager send the primary sdcc12 account login name and the names and UCSD email addresses of the new or deleted users in an email message to

If neither the PI or fund manager is available, an existing subaccount holder may submit a limit, expiration date or subaccount request by email if the PI and fund manager are Cc'd on the mail and those email addresses match our records.

Hint: if you are not sure whether you already have an account, but know the Index it would be on if you did, enter only the IFIS Index above, leave the rest of the form blank and Submit, then check (among all the other errors) for an error on the Index field - if that index is in use the error will show you the account name. If the index is not in use, there will be no error on the Index field.
Revised: October 2018.