Concurrent Enrollment Computer Accounts

Revised: May 2019.
If you are a UCSD Extension student taking a regular UCSD class through Concurrent Enrollment during Fall, Winter or Spring quarter, and the instructor for that class has requested ETS (ACMS) computing resources:

UCSD Extension will issue you a token (an alphabetic string of characters) that you can use at the Concurrent Enrollment self-registration page to create a persistent ETS (ACMS) user account (called an "ax" account), which will give you access to on-campus computer labs, and you can then link the account to the resources required for your class (the ETS (ACMS) terminology for this second step is "getting an allocation for a specific courseid").

If you already have an active AX account you can add allocations for courses you are taking through concurrent enrollment.


You must add individual allocations for the specific courses you are taking, linking those classes to your AX account. Only after you add an allocation will you have TritonEd access for the class along with access to other class specific ETS (ACMS) resources. The number of classes you can self-add is limited. Only add classes you need for your program, and drop any that you will not complete.

If you have obtained an ETS (ACMS) allocation for a class you are not going to take or have dropped, you must drop the ETS (ACMS) resource allocation.

To obtain a token, contact the Extension Registrar (, (858) 534-3400) - they can issue you a token in person at their offices as part of your Concurrent Enrollment process. Your token will be tied to your Extension Student ID number (the letter U followed by 8 digits, eg. U12345678) - if you don't already have an Extension Student ID, you will need to obtain one from Extension as part of your enrollment process.

A small number of UCSD classes don't allow waitlisted or concurrent students access to computing resources until the student is confirmed as fully enrolled in the class - if that's the case for your class, then once the instructor signs you in to the class and you have successfully enrolled with Extension, you can have the Extension registrar contact us to activate your access.