Request Premium Plotter (CPLOT1) Access

NOTE: Many research groups pay for plotting (eg. posters for conferences) using grant or department funds and a recharge printing account. If you decide to use your own personal Laser account for plotting, we cannot assist with recovery/reimbursement of funds from your department. Using your LA account to print means you are personally responsible for all charges incurred.

If you are absolutely sure you want to proceed and you have an ETS Laser Account, you may use this form to request that your personal Laser account be given access to the ETS Color Plotter.

Laser accounts do not have access to the plotter by default. Plotting can be expensive. You are responsible for all charges you incur in use of the plotter. You must have enough money already on deposit in your Laser Account to cover the cost of any submitted plot. Any charges you incur beyond your current Laser balance become an additional debt to the University and must be covered by additional deposits to your account. There are NO REFUNDS on plots other than for outright failure of the device. You are responsible for all aspects of the content of your plots - if it doesn't come out right, you still have to pay for it. Always use the "non printing" preview queue first to help ensure that your plots are rendered as intended.

The ETS plotter is available only to support UCSD academic instruction and research. Print activity for ANY other purposes (administrative, self-supporting or external/personal activities etc.), and/or in situations requiring significant technical support or rapid turnaround should be directed to Imprints or an off-campus service.

ETS Account (login) name:
ETS Account Password:

Once again - when using CPLOT be sure to verify the content and cost of your jobs via the non-printing (preview) queue before you submit your jobs for printing. NO REFUNDS will be issued for any reason related to submitted content/format/alignment etc. Unpaid negative Laser account balances will be charged to your Student Billing Services account and can result in collection actions as with any official University debt.