ACSREG - ACMS Account Registration

Revised: April 2015.

Register for an Academic Computing & Media Services Student Account

If you are enrolled (not just accepted) as a regular UCSD student you may use this system to register yourself with ACMS for basic computing service. Registering someone else or registering if you are not a qualified UCSD student is prohibited.


Most students have accounts created automatically when they accept admission: Check the Account Lookup Tool to see if you already have an account. (UCSD Extension Concurrent Enrollment students taking regular UCSD classes during Fall, Winter, or Spring - go here for information on Extension concurrent enrollment access to ACMS resources.)

To register for an account you must agree to know and abide by ACMS Acceptable Use Policies including Export Control and Privacy policies. Click here to review the policies now.

1. Do you agree to be responsible for knowing and abiding by all ACMS Acceptable Use Policies, including Export Control and Privacy policies?
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2. Use the following guidelines to compose a password for your account. Enter the password in the boxes below. When choosing a password, remember that it should: Enter your new password here:
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3. Enter the following information as it appears on your ID card:
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